June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Empty car on the second Hooghly bridge, the key is hanging! The businessman is missing

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Howrah: He lost to Corona a few days ago and recovered. But on Sunday, a businessman went missing in the state, virtually the day the lockdown began. His name is Shravankumar Birla. The house is empty. His car was rescued from the Howrah-bound lane of the second Hooghly Bridge. Police saw the car parked for a long time on the second bridge on Sunday morning. After searching, it was seen that the car door was open and the key was hanging in the car. But Shravankumar Birla is not there.

Where the 6-year-old businessman disappeared after parking his car on the bridge, fears are growing. The fear that he may jump into the Ganges from the second Hooghly Bridge is not going away. The Calcutta Police Disaster Management Force has already launched a search by diving into the Ganges. According to family sources, the businessman had recently recovered after being infected with corona. However, according to the police, the businessman may have jumped into the Ganges due to mental depression.

However, the police contacted the family of the businessman as soon as they found his car on the bridge. Family members rushed to the spot as soon as they got the news. According to the family members, the businessman used to ride his bicycle every morning. But today he got out of the car. Police are investigating why he suddenly made such a decision today.

Twenty days ago, his wife Corona was attacked by Shravankumar Birla. He was also admitted to the hospital. But he returned home after defeating Corona. Even then, the police are wondering whether the mental exhaustion was working in him because of Corona. However, the police are investigating whether the businessman went missing, committed suicide or there is another mystery behind the incident. It is reported that CCTV footage of different areas from his house to the second Hooghly bridge is also being examined.

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