June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Free food at Corona patient’s house with the money saved by visiting Ladakh

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# Barasat: If all went well now they might be living on the shores of Lake Ladagh’s icy lake. But that’s not all right, Corona’s panic all around. After that, the couple from Barasat broke down their savings and went to serve the people. Says Satisfaction in this work is much more than Ladagh Adventure.

Saugat Banerjee and Andrila Andrila Banerjee, a couple from Barasat, had planned to visit Ladakh before the last lockdown. The plan was not to take young children on adventures. Because in the summer of 2021, they will ride around Leh, Ladakh on a motorcycle. With a budget of two lakh rupees for the tour, they also saved the money. But the second stroke of the corona obstructs all their desires to travel. Tired of getting the news of the death of a relative every day, the couple soon canceled the plan. They were watching the second wave of Corona on social media in panic, panic, helplessness, and the promise to stand by. It was not too late to decide for themselves. He started the work of delivering food to his fellow citizens.

Even in the last lockdown, they tried to stand by the people with as little as the desire of two children. Andrila Banerjee, a resident of Thakurdas Sarni in Ward 24 of Barasat Municipality, runs her own home made cake business. This time she told her husband that if the family affected by the corona could be provided cooked food. Work as you think. They immediately posted on social media to serve the affected family with food.

The next day, at 11 o’clock, a request for food came from four fellow citizens. In the last ten days, that demand has reached forty. The couple claims they are serving the Corona-affected family without any money. Husband Saugat Banerjee is shopping in the morning. And the wife cooked in the afternoon and seized food packets with relatives and neighbors. Then their mission is to take food by bike to the alleys of Barasat city and deliver food to Art’s house. At the end of it all, dinner is made and delivered again.

They are delivering brown bread, butter and two kinds of fruits to the Corona victim’s house for dinner in the morning. Earlier, he used to cook for 15 people with limited capacity, so they are the only ones delivering food within five km of the city. According to Saugat Banerjee, they have jumped into the fray for the sake of their two children. The couple claims that they are more satisfied with the service of these people than seeing the beauty of Pangong Lake.

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