June 19, 2021

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‘If something happens to the sick father, I will become an orphan’, the little butterfly pleaded, raising his hand at the moment. actor dev stands beside a hoogly based girl for her fathers treatment who seeks help– News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: Butterfly’s yawning appeal. MP-Actor Dev came forward to help. Netdunia is happy with Dev’s work. Once again, evidence of his humanity was found.

On Sunday afternoon, a man named Nilonjit Gain posted a video on Twitter. The video shows a 10-12 year old girl sitting next to her sick father The baby’s name is Butterfly. Chunchura is a resident of Antar Bagan. Her father is suffering from a complex disease. Father’s name is Sandeep Dutt. Their family needs food as well as medicine every day. Due to lack of money it is not possible to run huge expenses of food and medicine. Even the child is heard to say that he is willing to show his father’s medical report. In the video, the child is heard saying that he has no one but his father. So if something happens to the father, he will become an orphan. So he is asking for help to heal his father.

This video posted on Twitter was tagged @KBanerjee_AITC i.e. MP Kalyan Bandopadhyay, who is an MP from Srirampur. Two ministers from Hughli and another former minister who is a resident of the area were also tagged, Ratna De Nag, Becharam Manna and Tapan Dasgupta, MLAs of the adjoining assembly, respectively. But first of all, MP actor Deb came forward for help. Dev retweeted the video post and wrote, “His team has already contacted the butterfly family.”

Dev also thanked Nilanjit who posted this video. Nilanjit is happy to see this activity of Dev. He said, “Your personality has always been very dear to me. May I always be by the side of people like you. Bless you.” Deb is helping multiple people and families in the Corona situation. Ghatale has introduced a system to send food to Kovid positive patients in his parliamentary constituency. The same system has been introduced in Calcutta. This time he came forward with a longing to save the father of a child. Where netizens, Dev is not only a screen, but also a real hero.


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