June 20, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

The last is the tunnel digging of the East West Metro, Kolkata will remember Ring No. 552

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#Kolkata: Ring number 552. The tunneling work of the East West Metro project was completed with this ring number 552. Thousands of rings have been used in the East-West Metro project from Howrah Maidan through Howrah station to the lower reaches of the Ganges, from Sealdah to Phulbagan. But underground is the history of the ring number 552, which is under the ground in the tunnel boring machine Urbi Basal Boubazar. And with that, the construction of the tunnel in the East-West Metro project is completed.

The tunneling work started in 2010 in this project. Tunnel boring machines were brought to the flower garden. It was said that this project will be completed by 2013. Sometimes land problems, sometimes route changes, sometimes house collapses, sometimes Corona’s paw. Overcoming all obstacles and finally making the last tunnel. This time two huge tunnel boring machines Chandi and Urbi will be lifted from the ground. On the other hand, construction work of line sheet and station from Sealdah to Mahakaran will be completed. On the other hand, from Mahakaran to Howrah station through the bottom of the Ganges to Howrah Maidan, the construction of the station and the laying of the line is in full swing. Metro authorities want to start the project from Howrah Maidan to Sealdah by 2023. If possible, millions of people a day will benefit.

One house after another collapsed in Boubazar on August 31, 2019. The landslide occurred during the Metro work from Esplanade to Sealdah. Due to which the work of Metro is disrupted. That work has been started following the recommendation of the expert committee. However, it will not be possible to work with TBM Chandi stuck in the ground in the future. He will be dismantled and removed. Another tunnel boring machine Urbi will also be brought up. This whole process will end in November this year. Then the work of building a house in Boubazar will start.

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