June 18, 2021

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‘4-5 strangers suddenly entered the house, I got scared’, said Shovon in the arrest of Shovan. Baishaki bandyopadhyay reacts after sovan chattopadhyay got bail on narada scam after all day harassment – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: “At seven in the morning, two or four strangers are entering the bedroom door. They are not introducing themselves even after asking. They are not saying why they have come. There was a girl next to them, she is scared. She is wondering if there is a robber. I have to ask again and again.” Even then they are shouting Shovon Chatterjee, Baishakhi Banerjee. “… I thought I had come to arrest him. Sovan Chattopadhyay was arrested without notice after entering the house at 7 am and his girlfriend Baishaki Bandyopadhyay was arrested.

Firhad Hakim, Subrata Mukhopadhyay, Madan Mitra and Sovan Chattopadhyay were arrested on Monday in Narada scam. The CBI made the arrest. And then along with the three leaders of the party, Mamata (CM Mamata Banerjee) also stood by Shovan’s side. Seeing this, Baishakhi realized, ‘I am ready to give my life for the way the Chief Minister came and stood beside Shovon.’

On this day, after the arrest of Shovon Chatterjee, his wife Ratna Chatterjee appeared at the Nizam’s Palace. But even though Ratna came, Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay was not seen at that time. He was later contacted on the phone and said that he was also in the Nizam’s Palace. When contacted again in the evening, he told News18 Bangla correspondent, “The CISF cordoned off the area from Goal Park to Nazrul Manch at 7 am. Not once was it said to be arrested, but to be released within half an hour. The manner in which the arrests were made is unprecedented.” He added, “Why is this son-in-law affectionate towards four people and this kind attitude towards the wicked for the same reason?” Later, the CBI showed a kind attitude towards Kader, he also clarified their names.

Baishakhi Banerjee said, “Today is a black day for democracy, a day of shame. If there is power, it is unprecedented to display force that violates all laws.”

Somraj Bandyopadhyay

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