June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Childhood is losing its luster online, even the foreheads of psychologists are full of worries

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#Kolkata: Childhood means school, and school means friends. Growing up with all those friends also builds the foundation of childhood. In online education, they are all gray memories now. The school has not been unlocked since last year due to continuous shocks. Childhood did not go to school. And that is why the problem is growing, in the seemingly small Bengali middle class families. Now that there is no school, only parents and friends say the sky outside. The prisoner is within four walls. So in many cases children are becoming irritable. Arguing with parents about small things. The annoyance of being alone for so long is growing so much that the tendency to hurt oneself is increasing among those children. They are becoming violent. Even not being away from their parents for a while is becoming a nightmare for them.

It did not happen otherwise in the case of the aspirations of the fifth class resident of Narendrapur. Saying, “It doesn’t feel good to be at home. There is no game, I haven’t seen friends for days. I’m upset.” In the words of Akankha’s father Amitabh, “Last year it was also meant that this time everything will be normal if he spends some time with difficulty. But where is he! Another lockdown on him. This time it will be really difficult to manage.”

In the words of Jayaranjan Ram, a psychiatrist, “Many people are not able to study with concentration. We have to do counseling for that. Again, many children are learning to speak and talking late because they do not socialize outside. Many psychologists like Jayaranjan have a fold of thoughts on their foreheads.

But when will you be released from this captivity of childhood? Kabei or childhood will laugh under the open sky again! The answers to all those questions have been suppressed in the fight to the death against Kovid. Childhood did not go to school. And that is why the problem is growing in the seemingly small Bengali middle class families.

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