June 19, 2021

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Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar warns Mamata Banerjee The rule of law has been broken, the governor has virtually warned Mamata – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar drew Mamata Banerjee’s attention to the law and order situation in the wake of the arrest of two state ministers, a MLA and a former MLA. He also appealed to the Chief Minister to abide by the constitutional norms and establish the rule of law. At the same time, the Chief Minister should consider his clear warning, the rule of law and the consequences of such a breach of the constitutional system.

In a tweet, the governor further complained that the administration was taking the situation out of hand without taking any action. “I am just worried about the situation,” he wrote He requested the Chief Minister to abide by the constitutional rules and the rule of law State Police, Kolkata Police, Home Department should take all necessary measures “Unfortunately, the situation is getting out of hand without any action.”

The CBI arrested four leaders in the Narad case on the same day with the approval of the governor Trinamool alleges that the governor’s approval is illegal

In another tweet, Jagdeep Dhankhar wrote, “I have sent a message to the Chief Minister that law and order has been completely broken and chaos is going on. Police-administration is completely silent I hope you understand the consequences of the law and order situation and the breakdown of the constitutional system. The situation is deteriorating every minute and immediate action should be taken against it.

In the third tweet, the governor spoke out against the protests and bricks outside the CBI office He drew the Chief Minister’s attention to the issue and alleged that the Kolkata Police and the State Police were playing the role of spectators.

The Trinamool, however, has been sharply critical of the governor’s role The governor has approved the arrest of grassroots leaders on the instructions of several party leaders, the prime minister and the home minister.

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