June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Insistent Mamata inside-out agitated workers, the center of gravity of Kolkata is now Nizam Palace!

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#Kolkata: Fighting has been raging in the state since Monday morning. The CBI has arrested Transport Minister Firhad Hakim, Panchayat Minister Subrata Mukherjee, Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra and former mayor Sovan Chatterjee in connection with the Narad scandal. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee arrived at the Nizam’s Palace shortly after the CBI’s arrest in the Narad investigation. And when she reached there, the Trinamool leader got angry with the CBI officials. There he called the arrest illegal and demanded his arrest.

On the one hand, while the leader was sitting inside the CBI office, grassroots activists erupted in a demonstration outside the Nizam’s Palace. They started chanting slogans with party flags. As time goes on, the crowd is growing in front of Nizam Palace. In the end, the police were forced to close the front road. The grassroots activists also got involved in a quarrel with the central forces there. One complaint of all is that BJP has now taken the path of revenge as it could not win in Bengal. Although the Trinamool leaders were arrested, they also raised the question as to why Shuvendu Adhikari and Mukul Roy were not arrested in the same case. On the other hand, the ruling party workers have also raised their voices against the governor. However, not only at the Nizam’s Palace in Kolkata, but also at various places like Gosaba and Arambagh, grassroots activists have set fire to tires.

Additional central forces have also been deployed to increase the crowd of grassroots activists and supporters at the Nizam’s Palace. The CBI has also informed the force about the request. However, the problem started on Monday morning. Trinamool supporters also started protesting at the Firhad Hakim’s house in Chetla when CBI officials accompanied the central forces. They lay in front of the car but threatened to block the way. But Firhad himself calmed them down.

From then on, the crowd started gathering outside the Nizam’s Palace. Ruling party workers are still protesting until this report is written. As the situation progresses, many are fearing more unrest.

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