Narada Bribery Case: Shuvendu-Mukuls are getting over any argument! Clear question Kunal Ghosh

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee has once again come face to face with the arrest of party leaders and ministers in the Narda case. Following in his footsteps, the All India Trinamool Congress has strongly opposed the CBI’s arrest. Kunal Ghosh, who himself was once arrested in the Saradha case, also expressed his final anger. Kunal Ghosh raised a question on which law Mukul Roy or Shuvendu Adhikari got exemption.

Let’s take a look at Kunal Ubach-

In the context of the arrest

Kunal Ghosh said on the day, the lockdown is going on. Corona situation is going on. At that time, I am protesting against the way you bragged about muscle strength by dragging out the case 6 years ago.

Why Shuvendu-Mukul was not arrested

Kunal Ghosh’s clear question, why not arrest Mukul-Shuvendu-Shanku? He said the video showed Mukul Roy telling Mirza to take money. The central forces are going to the homes of our leaders. Then why the central forces did not go to Mukul-Shuvendu’s house now. The central forces are swaying them in their laps. Let’s bring Mukul Roy up with the central forces. You can’t give the vaccine. Can’t give oxygen. And now you are doing all this. This is the glory of Hero BJP.

Comments on BJP

Hero BJP is bragging about their muscle power. He came to Bengal with a shrug and shrugged his shoulders. And the people of Bengal are doing all this today because they have lost.

Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar to Narendra Modi Kunal’s cannon to everyone-

Kunal Ghosh says – that one old governor. Toy gave the helicopter. He is walking around with provocation. The Prime Minister has held 15 meetings. Amit Shah did 60-65 road show, meeting, who came floating deadbody in the Ganges. And the people of Bengal have removed all this garbage. So doing all this today.

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