June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

The CBI did not take the permission of the principal to arrest the ‘assistant’ governor, Firhad-Subrata!

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#Kolkata: Revenge for not getting power! The CBI on Monday arrested Firhad Hakim, Sovan Chatterjee, Subrata Mukherjee and Madan Mitra in the Narada case. And then Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee came down to the hall in full force. Reached the CBI office. But after the arrest of 3 MLAs and a former MLA, including 2 ministers of the state, in Narad Kand today, the question has arisen, is this arrest ‘illegal’?

After the arrest of Firhad Hakim and Madan Mitra, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Biman Bandyopadhyay said, “The manner in which Firhad Hakim and Subrata Mukherjee have been arrested is completely illegal.” Referring to the directive of the Calcutta High Court in this regard, he said, “The Calcutta High Court wanted to know whether the permission of the principal has been taken to arrest someone.” I said, we have no contact. I was not given any letter. The CBI did not want to know anything about this. This arrest is completely illegal.

In the case of arresting a member of the Legislative Assembly, the permission of the Speaker is required, and in the case of members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, the permission of the Speaker and Chairman of the Lok Sabha is required. But in the context of the arrests of Firhad, Madan and Subrata, Biman Banerjee said, ‘The case was being heard in the High Court for a month. We informed them that we had not been asked for any permission. The CBI had sought the governor’s permission to file a chargesheet against Firhad and Madan.

But Biman Babu raised the question with that permission. “Surprisingly, the governor allowed the chargesheet where the high court was asking for the speaker’s permission,” he said. But when he did this, I was working as a speaker. So the way the governor’s permission was taken without my permission is completely illegal. ‘ On May 10, the governor allowed the chargesheet against the four.

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