West Bengal Lockdown: Closed public transport system in the state, continued cab traffic

#Kolkata: Public transport system closed in the state. But ordinary people will be in trouble if the transport is completely stopped. In this situation, cab driver organizations are skeptical about whether the app cab can be taken down the road for emergency services. Many, however, have been trying to book cabs since morning. Shambhunath Dey, leader of INTTUC’s taxi association, said, “We will abide by the instructions given by the administration considering the situation.” Although all have been closed since the beginning of last year, some concessions were made conditionally. Passengers on long-distance trains or planes were allowed to travel by showing travel tickets. This time I still don’t know anything. ‘

The state transport department is talking to Navanna about this. On the other hand, a special service for corona patients has already been launched by Cesitu. According to the organization, the service will be available as before by calling 90064116, 984404040, 8910901327 and 9847463236. This service will be provided to the patients in need of treatment as well as to their families. In addition, their app-cab will be matched for tasks such as taking someone for antidote or check-up, bringing medicine-oxygen or going to attend a funeral. Indrajith Ghosh, president of the organization, said, ‘Apart from all the previous services, non-covid services have also been launched this time. We are adding many more drivers.

Indranil Bandyopadhyay, general secretary of the West Bengal Online Cab Operators Guild, an app-cab organization affiliated to INTTUC, said they would also help passengers in case of emergency check-ups and antidotes by calling 8910069212 and 9604457045. Indranil Ghosh said, ‘We have launched two helpline numbers. I have also provided services in previous lockdowns. This time too it will not be otherwise. ‘ However, there are some cabs outside Sealdah and Howrah stations. However, many people are renting cabs without booking online. The cab organizations want the government to decide on them. Then they will have the benefit of travel.

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