June 18, 2021

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Boishakhi broke down in tears at the gate of Presidency Jail

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#Kolkata: He was not seen in public all day on Monday However, after Shovon Chatterjee was taken to the Presidency Jail at night, Baishakhi Banerjee appeared there. His girlfriend broke down in tears, practically screaming in front of the main gate of the Presidency Jail. Boishakhi claims that Shovon has been starving for about 24 hours and has not been able to take insulin. So let’s meet him once

However, he could not meet Shovon in jail anymore Later in the morning, Shovan Chatterjee was admitted to SSKM Hospital feeling ill.

On Monday night, the presidency went to the jail and wanted to meet Shovon, but the police did not give him permission Angry Baishakhi complained that Shovon Chatterjee was suffering from high diabetes He has to take high dose of insulin But he has not eaten for about twenty-four hours As a result, he could not take insulin after his arrest by the CBI on Monday morning

“I want to know what you are doing to her,” she said, breaking down in tears as she knocked on the gate of the Presidency jail. Firhad Hakim’s wife and daughter went inside He has another daughter, son-in-law, but they are not allowed to go We have come on behalf of Shovan Chatterjee’s family, we are not being allowed to meet either I have all his medicines He is highly diabetic and has severe COPD If anything, he is the responsibility of the CBI The way the door closed above my face, a horrible accident could have happened দুর্ They are behaving like animals, not humans. ‘

While answering the phone, Baishakhi Devi complained that when CBI officials came to pick up Shovon, she asked him to give her food. However, the CBI officials did not listen to him “I told her to buy at least some food,” he said So that he can take insulin But the CBI officers did not listen to those words and left with a sarcastic smile This farce has been going on since yesterday, I don’t know when it will end. ‘

According to SSKM Hospital sources, Shovon Chatterjee’s condition is stable after he was brought to the hospital. He has been kept in cabin number 106 of Woodburn Ward

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