COVID19 helpline number in every district of Bengal Tweet Derek, sharp sarcasm to Modi-Shah

#Kolkata: The helpline number has been opened to help the patients in the district (COVID19 Helpline number Bengal). The patient and his relatives will get all the information about Corona by calling this number Those numbers were tweeted by Derek O’Brien And he appealed to everyone to spread these numbers However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar were not spared. “I am sure they will generously retweet this public interest message to show how much they really love our state. Thank you in advance,” he wrote.

All day on Monday, there was tension between the CBI officials and the Trinamool leaders The bail was suspended after a day-long interrogation, arrest and bail in the Narad case. The Trinamool claimed that the incident was due to retaliatory behavior of the BJP The BJP is trying to disrupt the law and order situation in the state by harassing large-scale grassroots leaders and ministers in a situation where the state is virtually on the verge of lockdown. Complaints of grassroots 7 Many activists took to the streets in protest when the CBI took the Trinamool leaders to the Nizam’s Palace. The Nizam’s Palace is crowded when a gathering is banned during the Corona period. The people of Bengal have turned away from the BJP in the elections, so the move by the BJP at the Center to humiliate the people of Bengal has been criticized by grassroots activists.

In the Corona situation, the BJP is walking the path of animosity towards each other at a time when the parties should work together regardless of their views. This allegation has also been made by the Left and Congress leadership in the state Standing there, Derek’s tweet is very significant Experts say he is trying to kill two birds with one stone He also reminded the BJP leadership of helping the common man and the state’s Corona Mokobila.

On the other hand, the number of corona cases and deaths is increasing in the state Although the daily transmission in the state has decreased, the number of deaths has not decreased On Monday, 148 people died of coronavirus in the state. However, it is hoped that the number of active cases will be reduced. 245 active cases have been reduced in the state so far.

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