Firhad Hakim cries before going to jail ‘I could not save the people of Kolkata’, Firhad broke down in tears – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: 7 all day long After his arrest, he was granted bail but again suspended As the Presidency went to jail from the CBI office at night, so did the Transport Minister and Firhad Hakim, the head of the Calcutta Municipal Board of Governors. “I couldn’t save the people of Kolkata,” Firhad said, practically crying.

Along with Subrata Mukherjee, Madan Mitra and Shovon Chatterjee, Firhad Hakim was also arrested by the CBI on Monday morning. In the evening, the CBI granted bail to the four in the special court, but at night, the Calcutta High Court stayed the bail order. As a result, four people including Firhad Hakim were taken to the Presidency Jail

As he left the Nizam’s Palace, an angry Firhad Hakim said, “The central government can buy everyone with money. But we have confidence in the judiciary After that maybe ED will be put behind us Where is my fault? I have come as many times as the CBI has called me Why should I be deprived of my bail? I’m popular, it’s not my fault So many people have come here for me because people love me But we will get justice, we will be released through justice. “

“I was appointed as the head of the Calcutta Municipal Board of Governors,” Firhad said in a tone of frustration. So that the work of burning, vaccination, examination, sanitation can go on properly in Corona. After a pause, Firhad said in a sobbing voice, “I could not save the people of Calcutta.”

Sources said that Firhad Hakim went to the Presidency Jail at night and ate almost nothing He eats a little tea and snacks in the morning His daughter Shaba Hakim and lawyer Gopal Haldar met Firhad Hakim in jail this morning. After meeting the transport minister, his daughter Shaba claimed that Firhad was devastated by not being able to work for the people of Kolkata. However, Firhad’s lawyer claimed that he had a fever in the morning He had to be taken to the jail hospital

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