June 18, 2021

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Health update of arrested leaders Heart problems, shortness of breath! Subrata, Medical Board for the treatment of Madan – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: Someone is having trouble breathing, someone is suffering from hyper tension The treatment of the three heavyweight leaders arrested in the Narda case is therefore a medical board average SSKM hospital authorities. The three-member medical board has been formed under the leadership of cardiologist Saroj Mandal

Madan Mitra and Shovan Chatterjee, who were arrested in the Narda case, were admitted to SSKM Hospital late Monday night as they felt ill. On the other hand, senior minister Subrata Mukherjee was also rushed to SSKM Hospital this morning due to chest pain. All three are undergoing treatment at Woodburn Ward

On the same day, the hospital authorities formed a three-member medical board headed by cardiologist Saroj Mandal to treat the three heavyweight leaders. Soumitra Ghosh, the head of the medicine department of the hospital, is on the medical board

And Amitabh Sengupta, Head of the Department of Chest Medicine If necessary, neurology and critical care specialists will also be included in the medical board, hospital sources said.

Doctor Saroj Mandal said that all the three leaders have more or less heart problems Among them, the physical problems of veteran Subrata Babu are comparatively more The state panchayat minister is being given a nebulizer due to respiratory problems In addition, 8-year-old Subrata Babu is suffering from hypertension He also has some aging problems Besides, the panchayat minister is in a bit of trauma after Monday’s arrest and day-long disturbance Doctors are constantly giving advice to reassure him

Another leader, Kamarhati MLA Madan Mitra, who was detained at the hospital, had contracted corona a few days ago. As a result, he has at least some physical weakness After being brought to the hospital on that day, Madan Mitra had to be given oxygen He also has a problem of hyper tension On the other hand, former mayor Shovon Chatterjee has high diabetes Shovan’s girlfriend Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay 8 alleged that he did not eat anything on Monday after his arrest After being admitted to the hospital, Shovon was given insulin The former mayor is still a bit overwhelmed However, Saroj Mandal, head of the medical board, said all three leaders had undergone ECG and chest X-rays. They will also be echoed The members of the medical board also examined the three leaders in the evening

Meanwhile, another leader of the Presidency Jail, Firhad Hakim, the state’s transport minister, is also being treated at the jail hospital. Firhad Hakim’s lawyer claimed that he had a fever this morning Although his wife brought food from home at noon, Firhad did not meet him However, he ate only home-cooked food

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