The proposal to form a Legislative Council in the state was adopted at the cabinet meeting

#Kolkata: Multiple old faces of the ruling party were dropped from the list of candidates in the Assembly polls. The party leader said that many of the faces who were left out after the formation of the government will be brought back. The Legislative Council wants to form the state government. The Trinamool Congress came to power with a huge majority. The state cabinet has already been formed The proposal for the Legislative Assembly was taken up at the second cabinet meeting of the third government of the Trinamool Congress. The proposal was adopted in the presence of 6 ministers of state. According to sources, the assembly will be discussed in the assembly.

What is the Legislative Assembly? State legislatures can be bicameral or single chamber. The upper house of the bicameral legislature is called the Legislative Assembly and the lower house is called the Legislative Assembly. Legislative Assemblies do not exist in most states of India. West Bengal also has one chamber. What is the importance and power of the Legislative Assembly? In no case will it be less than 40. The term of office of the Legislative Assembly is 7 years. Elections to the Legislative Assembly are held every 6 years. In addition, one-third of the members of the Legislative Assembly retire every two years. What is the legal power of the Legislative Assembly? Any bill can be introduced in the Legislative Assembly without a money bill. The Legislative Assembly can withhold a bill passed in the Legislative Assembly for a maximum of 4 months. What is the financial capacity of the Legislative Council? Money cannot be raised in the Legislative Assembly. What is the ruling power of the Legislative Assembly? According to the Constitution, the Cabinet of the State is accountable only to the lower house, the Legislative Assembly. As a result, the Legislative Council does not have much power regarding governance. Why there is no Legislative Council in Bengal? There was once a Legislative Council in West Bengal. But in parliamentary democracy, the upper house of the state legislature becomes almost ‘unimportant’. As a result, this upper house was abolished in many states, including West Bengal. On 21 March 1969, a resolution was passed to abolish the Legislative Assembly in West Bengal. Then the West Bengal Legislative Assembly (Abolition) Act, 1989 was passed in the Indian Parliament. The council was dissolved on 1 August 1969. However, in 2011 the All India Trinamool Congress government hinted at reconstituting the council. Which states have legislative assemblies? At present, there are bicameral legislatures in a total of eight states in India. These are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu and Kashmir. In April 2008, the Legislative Assembly was restored to the state of Andhra Pradesh. However, the state’s main opposition party, the Telugu Desam Party, has said it will dissolve the legislature again if it comes to power. After the Akali Dal-BJP alliance came to power in Punjab, Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal has expressed his desire to reconstitute the Legislative Assembly.


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