Another 2 lakh vaccines bought with the state’s money came to the rescue of the vaccine to save Bengal

Kolkata: There is no ‘expectation’ from the center. So the state government has taken the initiative to bring the vaccine (Covid Vaccine). Accordingly, 2 lakh 12 thousand 480 Covishield vaccines arrived in the state on Wednesday morning. This quote was made on behalf of the state. The vaccine arrived at Kolkata airport around 9 am on Wednesday. For now, Nabanna wants to speed up vaccination in the state again with this vaccine.

Incidentally, the state is now in the process of second immunization of people over the age of 45, as well as immunization of 18-44 year olds. It is learned that the state’s vaccination for 18-44 year olds was declining. But with over two lakh vaccines arriving from the Seram Institute of India in Pune on Wednesday, there has been some improvement for the time being.

The vaccines will be stored at the Central Family Welfare Store in Bagbazar. It is learned that the vaccine will be sent to different districts of the state from there. According to sources, the state has so far received about 14 million vaccines, including covaxin and covishield vaccine.

Incidentally, experts believe that vaccination as soon as possible is the only way to survive in the fight against corona. They say that the sooner the vaccine is given, the sooner the virus can be killed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also repeatedly called for speedy vaccination. However, there is a severe famine across the country. Almost every state has complained that there is not enough vaccine. After reviewing the situation, the central government has stopped exporting vaccines from the country. States are also focusing more on importing vaccines from abroad.

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