June 20, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Hurricane Yash is approaching, the fate of the people of Kolkata is also involved in the Narad-hearing, tweet Firhad’s daughter

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#Kolkata: On the day of hearing of Narad case, the whole state including Kolkata is counting another mistake. Because of the approaching cyclone. Meteorologists are warning that cyclone Yash may hit the Bay of Bengal coast on May 23-25. The memory of Amfan is still vivid, and from there the fear of the townspeople. If the CBI is really able to take the other accused, including Firhad Hakim, to another state, then the question is how to deal with the storm. The fate of the people of the state seems to be involved in today’s hearing of the Narad case.

On this day the question was raised by Firhad’s daughter Sabba Hakim. He wrote on Twitter that Firhad Hakeem Aad had returned to normalcy a week after the devastation of Amphan last year when another cyclone (Yash) was likely to hit, Bobby Hakim of Kolkata needed it. He wrote using the hashtag #bengalstandswithbobby.

Incidentally, the CBI may try to transfer the case to the court on the same day by pointing the finger at law and order in the state. On the other hand, the heavyweights questioned on behalf of the accused will want these four heavyweights to be released on bail.

In the midst of all this tension, the main challenge for the ruling party is to keep the law and order situation in the state normal. 357 to prevent the possibility of issuance. Gathering should be avoided in the interest of corona coping. With that in mind, these heavyweights are also sending messages to fans through the family, to protest peacefully. Not to act violently in any way.

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