June 18, 2021

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It’s like a whole movie! In Dabang style, the food minister raided the ration shop and caught the fraud

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#Kolkata: State Minister for Food Jyotsna Mandi himself raided the shops of two ration dealers in Jorasanko area. The first one was at Ratan Kumar Gupta’s ration shop at 4 / C Ramatanu Bose Lane. Although he did not find anything like that there, he returned after seeing the invoice. To the dealer.

After that go to Tarak Pramanik Road on foot 63 / A. It is the shop of Sadhan Pal, the ration dealer. He saw 28 sacks of rice and wheat at the stock fair. There are only one hundred and twenty sacks of rice and 158 sacks of wheat, where did the rest of the food grains go?

The store manager’s clear answer, MR Distributor has run the online. But did not send the goods. He also said that action should be taken against MR distributors. So, the pigeons have settled in the ration in Calcutta again? People in the area complain that even though they have ration goods, they do not want to give it to many, those ration dealers. These ration dealers, after buying some of the goods, sell them to the MR distributors. Those distributors illegally sell all those ration products to the black market. Minister Jyotsna Mandi signed all the papers and left with a sack of rice and wheat and said the investigation would continue. If there is evidence that someone is involved, he will be punished according to the law.

The people of Tarak Pramanik Road complained to the minister, starting from that ration shop, against the ration shops in the area. Not giving food items in rations. The minister left with an assurance to take action. He said, “He will fulfill the responsibility given to him by Mamata Banerjee.

Shanku Santra

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