June 15, 2021

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Only children will enter Shovon’s cabin, challenge Ratna without naming Baishakhi

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#Kolkata: Ratna Chatterjee should not meet him in the hospital in any way That evening, Shovon Chatterjee’s lawyer wrote a letter to the superintendent of SSKM Hospital to that effect. Shortly afterwards, standing at the SSKM hospital, Ratna, without naming Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay, said in a practically challenging tone, “From today, only Shovon’s children will meet him.”

Shovan Chatterjee was arrested by the CBI last Monday in the Narad case He is currently undergoing treatment at Woodburn Ward of SSKM Hospital On that day, Shovan’s lawyer wrote a letter to the superintendent of the hospital It is said there is a divorce case between Ratna and Shovon Since Shovon is suffering from problems like hypertension, diabetes, chest pain, Ratna can go to him and create an unpleasant situation. So that Shovan’s physical condition may deteriorate As a result, Ratna should not be allowed to meet him until Shovon gives permission

At the same time, the letter said, at the moment Shovon is admitted to the hospital under the supervision of the police Police are keeping an eye on their father, the son Saptarshi and daughter Suhani said that it may be uncomfortable for them to see this scene, the letter said. So this request is also made in the letter so that the children of Shovon are not allowed to go to him

In this situation, Ratna Chatterjee reached SSKM Hospital with her son and daughter at around 8 pm that night. Shovan’s son and daughter were first stopped by the police when they went to meet Shovan in the cabin at Woodburn Ward. At this time Ratna was also seen going towards Shovon’s cabin Although he came back after a while After a while, however, the police allowed Saptarshi and Suhani to go to Shovon’s house They were there for about a couple of hours

When asked about the letter from Shovon’s lawyer while leaving the hospital, Ratna said, ‘I have given the letter, but I can’t enter? Only my children will enter his cabin, no one else will. ‘ It is clear that Ratna directly challenged Shovon’s girlfriend Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay without naming her. Ratna also went to the hospital this morning Despite his claims, he did not try to go to Shovon’s cabin

After Shovon’s arrest, Ratna went to the Nizam’s Palace to call the CBI While Shovan was being escorted out of the CBI office to take the presidency to jail, the boy Saptarshi was also seen beside him. Girlfriend Baishakhi 7 rushed to the Presidency Jail to meet Shovon again But after a letter from Shovon’s lawyer on the same day, his family quarrel resumed in the Narad case.

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