June 18, 2021

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Shovon doesn’t want Ratna in the hospital anymore, he handed over a legal letter to the SSKM authorities

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#Kolkata: He does not want Ratna Chatterjee’s anagona in the hospital. He doesn’t even want the boy to come. To this end, Shovan Chatterjee’s lawyer wrote a letter to the superintendent of SSKM Hospital. The letter clearly states that Ratna should not be allowed to go near Shovon. If you want to meet Shovon Chatterjee’s permission

According to the letter, Shovon-Ratna’s separation case is going on. Shovon fears that Ratna and her companions may enter the hospital and create unrest. For this reason, Shovan’s son Saptarshi and daughter Suhani should not be allowed to enter, Shovan’s lawyer has requested Super.

According to the letter, Shovon Chatterjee was admitted to Woodburn Ward of SSKM Hospital with chest pain. He also has anxiety problems, diabetes. In that case, Shovon’s fear may create problems if Ratna goes to the hospital, Shovon may be worried. Ratna’s ‘no’ came from this fear.

Letter from Shovon Chatterjee's lawyer. Letter from Shovon Chatterjee’s lawyer.

Shovon Chatterjee is one of the four leaders who were taken into CBI custody in the Narda case on Monday. Who is not even in the grassroots, has left the BJP again. But in bad times he got his wife Ratna and girlfriend Baishakhi by his side. Baishakhi can be seen breaking down in tears. Ratna, on the other hand, said that she should be by the side of the family in times of danger, but it is clear from Shovon’s action that she no longer understands Ratna and her two children as family. Rather, he is giving priority to separation. Needless to say, Shovan’s move will spark a new controversy when state politics is once again in full swing over the hearing of the Narda case.

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