June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Amfan’s Kolkata is no more, the municipality is fully prepared to face Yash

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Kolkata: The time is exactly one year. The devastating Cyclone Amphan devastated not only several districts of South Bengal, but also Calcutta. Tilottama Kolkata was also in a state of disarray day after day. And this time, whether the year turns or not, another cyclone frowns in the sky of the state. Now Yash (Cyclone Yaas). Therefore, the Kolkata city administration wants to keep all the management from the last education. They have started taking precautionary measures to deal with the disaster.

Firhad Hakim, the head of the Calcutta Municipal Board of Governors, is now in jail in Narad Kand. So the municipality has to make a plan without him. It is learned that Pur Commissioner Binod Kumar had a meeting with the officials of the emergency department in Kolkata Municipality on Wednesday. Water supply, lighting, gardening, drainage, basically all these departments have been instructed to be well prepared.

Final preparations are being made from tomorrow keeping in mind the glory of the cyclone. For now, everyone’s leave has been canceled. Staff will be kept on duty 24 hours a day at various pumping stations. Final preparations are being made around a total of 64 pumping stations. A 24-hour duty roster is being made with 160 workers of the municipality. If it rains excessively, they will take to the streets to fetch water.

During the last Amfan, the whole of Calcutta was closed due to trees falling in the storm. It took a long time to remove that tree. This time the garden department has been asked to be ready in advance. Basically, there are two teams to cut down trees and remove trees. In addition, there will be a gang in each borough. Each gang will usually have six members. There are two cranes and 22 hydraulic ladders.

Even the concerned department has been directed to stock up on dry food in addition to triple, disaster response equipment, clothes etc. It has been said that people need to be warned about low pressure and cyclones by spreading mics at all levels.

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