June 19, 2021

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Black fungus epidemic, states directed to raise awareness in states, 5 affected in Bengal – News18 Bangla

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New Delhi: Panic of black fungus has started to increase in the country The Rajasthan and Telangana governments have already declared the outbreak an ‘epidemic’. In Maharashtra too, 90 people have already died of black fungus infection. The number of victims has exceeded one and a half thousand. The center said on Thursday that black fungus was now the cause of the epidemic. Instruct the states to make the public aware by issuing notifications

This time, outbreak of black fungus or mucoromycosis was also reported in West Bengal. According to the state health department, five people in the state have been diagnosed with black fungus so far. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today, Thursday expressed concern over the victims in the state. He said that the center is about to give the medicine. But the center is not giving any clear direction.

The state has started preparations to formulate a government guideline on black fungus to monitor the situation. After learning about the infection of black fungus in the body of 5 patients in Bengal, the officials of the health department sat in a meeting with the experts.

The question is who is most at risk for black fungus? Patients with uncontrolled diabetes, who take high doses of steroids, have the highest risk of developing black fungus, according to Ames. People who have been undergoing treatment for cancer or any other complex disease for a long time are also more likely to get the fungus. In addition, patients with severe covidosis, with oxygen support on the ventilator, can also be infected with black fungus. Abnormal black discharge or bleeding from the nose is one of the symptoms of this disease As well as numbness in the face, difficulty in opening or chewing, stuffy nose, severe pain in the head and eyes, red eyes. All the symptoms of black fungus are 6 The Center has also informed the states to report all the news related to black fungus And to submit a report by making a list of the victims

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