June 19, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

BR Singh Hospital is being rehabilitated with Corona treatment

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#Kolkata: Multiple railway workers affected almost every day. Even after that, it is not being given importance to vaccinate the railway workers The All India Railway Men’s Federation is questioning why funds from the Staff Benefit Fund are not being used to provide vaccines to prevent infection. Shivgopal Mishra, general secretary of the union, said, “If the fund is created for the benefit of the workers, why shouldn’t it be available. The ministry should immediately give necessary instructions to the zonal railways in this regard.”

According to sources, the Railway Board has agreed to use the funds but the ministry has not given any instructions The union is applying for the vaccine for workers under the age of 45. On the other hand, ICU beds are being increased at BR Singh Hospital. There will be 60 ICU beds in the railway hospital next week. However, the ventilator bought 10 years ago in this railway hospital has gone bad. Quickly 5 ventilators have been purchased. The union alleges three high-flow nozzle machines are not working. As a result, there are difficulties in the treatment of infection prevention. The union also alleged that black market was going on at Kanchrapara Railway Hospital with oxygen.

Eastern Railway has taken initiative to reduce the pressure on BR Singh Hospital. They are setting up a Covid Management Center at the Eastern Railway Sports Complex in Behala. According to railway sources, the number of CCU beds for critically ill patients has been increased by 20. 26 ventilators and 21 ECG machines are being taken. Eighty-five oxygen concentrators have been purchased to deal with emergencies. 47 doctors, 42 nurses and multiple lab technicians have been recruited. In addition, separate agencies have been appointed to provide food. Eklavya Chakraborty, chief public relations officer of Eastern Railway, said a large section of railway workers and their families depend on the hospital. So the infrastructure is overhauled.

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