June 23, 2021

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CID raid on Arjun Singh’s house in cooperative corruption! Summons to Bhabani Bhavan

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Kolkata: On the one hand, when the state politics was in turmoil over the Narada Scam Case, the CID raided the house of BJP MP Arjun Singh in Barrackpore. On Thursday, state intelligence officials visited Arjun Singh’s house at the Mazdoor Bhaban at the Jagddal Meghna junction. But the BJP MP was not at home at that time. So he was given a CID notice. Accordingly, Arjun has been summoned to Bhavanibhavan for questioning on corruption charges. However, when contacted by BJP MPs, he accused the grassroots of pursuing a policy of retaliation, saying, “I have the protection of the Supreme Court. He can call me, but he can’t arrest me. ‘

Incidentally, Arjun Singh’s house has been searched repeatedly despite being a BJP MP in the Bhatpara-Naihati Cooperative Bank scam. An official of Bhatpara-Naihati Cooperative Bank has already been arrested in the incident. A contractor of Bhatpara municipality has also been arrested. The Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) had even registered an FIR against Arjun for allegedly transferring Rs 13 crore to an anonymous account.

In fact, three years ago, the authorities were accused of illegally getting a loan of around Tk 20 crore from the Bhatpara-Naihati Cooperative Bank. According to the investigation, in October 2016, a total of Tk 13 crore was given as a loan to the contractor of Bhatpara municipality, Abhijit Chakraborty. But that money goes to another account. The name of the then CEO of the bank Chandranath Bhattacharya. He was also arrested.

BJP MP Arjun Singh was named in the incident. He was accused of transferring Tk 13 crore to an anonymous account. And this money was actually from the relief fund of Bhatpara chairman. However, Arjun Singh has denied all the allegations against him. He said, ‘An organization called Intra was assigned to work. But they did not work. And I have nothing to do with money laundering. But the manner in which the CID raided Arjun Singh’s house during the Narad incident and even summoned him to Bhabanibhavan has caused a stir in state politics.

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