Covid vaccine ‘frontline’ Firhad! In the emotional post, Arti is the daughter of the people of Bengal …– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Whether it’s Ampan storm or Corona situation. Father Firhad Hakim is by the side of the people of Bengal. Today he is a prisoner in the Presidency jail in the Narda case. The Calcutta High Court has remanded Firhad and three other leaders and ministers in custody pending a lower court bail. Baba Bobby Hakim is not completely healthy physically. That is why the doctors advised him to be admitted to SSKM Hospital but he did not accept it. The girls and their families are rushing to the Presidency Jail to see their father. It is also breaking down on social media. Today, daughter Shabba Hakim reminded me of her father’s sacrifice for the people of Bengal by posting an emotional tweet.

Saba, a doctor by profession, wrote in her post that “Firhad Hakim came forward to allay people’s suspicions about the vaccine in the third round of covacin trial. He took the first dose of the vaccine as a frontliner in the Corona War.” Saba also writes that at that time many people close to him forbade Firhad to get vaccinated. His answer at the time was that I would do everything I could to fight this atrocity, save people. And for that purpose, Firhad Hakim became the first volunteer in the trial of corona vaccine in Bengal. “

Firhad’s daughter could not express her emotions in the Twitter post. Asking the people of Bengal to be by the side of Baba Minister Bobby Hakim, daughter Saba used the hashtag ‘BengalStandwithBobby’ in her post and appealed to the people of West Bengal to be by her side. Netizens also reacted to this emotional post of Saba Hakim. Many advised him to stay mentally strong. At the same time, retweeting the post, Firhad Hakim also conveyed the message that he is by the side of his family, some netizens and party supporters.

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