June 15, 2021

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Cyclone Yaas agricultural department of West Bengal circulated a directives to take preventive measures before storm and depression– News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: Another cyclone frown as the year of the devastating Cyclone Amphan turns. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is literally worried about Cyclone Yaas. Instruct the administration to prepare in advance. The Chief Minister has directed the district administration to be vigilant from the top officials of Navanna. Coastal cyclone centers have been asked to be ready. The disaster management department has also been asked to be ready. Instruct to store adequate amount of food, drinking water, medicine. Fishermen have also been warned to go to sea. Last time Cyclone Amphan caused extensive damage to farmland and crops. The farmers of the two 24 parganas could not overcome that loss even after years. This time (Cyclone Yaas) so the Department of Agriculture does not want to put any fault. To keep the situation under control, the agriculture department issued an early warning to the farmers.

According to the Department of Agriculture, a depression will intensify in the North East Bay on May 22. Within 72 hours the depression will intensify and form a strong cyclone. Moving northwest, the cyclone could hit the coastal areas of Orissa and West Bengal by May 26. The cyclone, which is stronger than Amfan, is expected to cause extensive damage. Light and sometimes heavy rain is about to start from the evening of May 25. That is what the meteorological office fears. Therefore, according to the sources of the Department of Agriculture, this may result in loss of agricultural land and crops. Farmers have been advised to take some precaution for this. These are

1) The ripe boro paddy of the field should be cut immediately. They also need to be stored quickly. If necessary, you have to take the help of instruments in this case.

2) Oil seeds such as nuts, pulses, mugs, etc. should be shaken and stored.

3) Measures should be taken in advance to remove the accumulated rain water from the sesame and jute lands.

4) Vegetables and fruits, especially bananas, papayas and other fruit trees should not be easily damaged by storms.

5) Drinking borage from the vegetable loft is subject to extensive damage after this type of cyclone. So they have to be tied in a tight bond beforehand.

6) The Ministry of Agriculture has also advised the farmers to take immediate action to get rid of the rain water that has accumulated in the vegetable lands. If the storm and rain stop, fungicide spray is also required.

6) At the same time, while taking such precautionary measures, all the rules of corona, i.e. use of face mask or towel, washing hands with soap, rules of maintaining physical distance while working are also mentioned in this guideline.

With this set of instructions, farmers are advised to pay attention to the nature of the weather before the storm. Weather bulletins have been asked to keep an eye. Arrangements have also been made for them to stay elsewhere with their livestock and other domesticated animals if necessary.

Somraj Banerjee

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