June 19, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Dear Bobby’s house Mamta, ‘Let him take care of the body’ is the loving instruction of the leader

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#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee could not contain her anxiety at noon. He spoke at the press conference. On her way back to Kalighat from Nabanna in the evening, Mamata Banerjee reached Chetla to check on the health of her beloved ‘Bobby’. Mamata spoke to Saba Hakim, the cousin of Firhad at Firhad Hakim’s house in Chetla. Concerned Trinamool leader inquired about Firhad Hakim’s health and wanted to know if his fever had subsided or how his stomach was infected.

On his way from Nabanna to Kalighat on Thursday, he suddenly moved to Chetla. The convoy stood on the road. He reached in front of Firhad Hakim’s house. Although Bobby’s wife and eldest daughter were not at home at the time. Both were in the Presidency Correctional Institution. Mamata Banerjee reached Firhad Hakim’s house and found out about this. He spoke with Saba Hakim and Afsa Hakim. From Bobby’s two daughters he wants to know how their father is. Take a thorough update on what the physical problems are. He then called Firhad Hakim’s wife.

On learning that he had come home, Firhad Hakim’s wife told Firhad’s daughter Priyadarshini to hurry up. But by then Mamata Banerjee came out of there. However, he spoke on the phone with Firhad’s daughter.

According to sources, Mamata Banerjee said that Bobby should be informed to take care of his body. To be treated in the hospital if necessary. He reminded that it was a political battle. All this is being done to satisfy political revenge. Mamata Banerjee has made it clear that she is by Bobby’s side. Firhad Hakim’s family is assured that the party leader and the Chief Minister will come home at this difficult time.

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