June 18, 2021

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Madhyamik and HS Exam 2021: Waiting till next week, Mamata to take final decision on secondary-higher secondary

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Kolkata: Students will have to wait till the end of next week for the future of Madhyamik and HS Exam. Sources said that at least that much was discussed in the meeting on Thursday. On the same day, Education Minister Bratya Basu held a meeting on all aspects of the first secondary and higher secondary examinations. At the meeting, he told the presidents of the Board of Secondary Education and the Parliament of Higher Education that the state government would take a decision by the end of next week. However, the future of the test will depend on the situation. Talks will be held with the Chief Minister before that. The two boards will then hold a press conference to announce the state government’s decision. This is what Education Minister Bratya Basu told the two presidents during the meeting. However, in a press conference before the meeting, the education minister said, “Tests will be taken as soon as the infection subsides.”

The chief secretary of the state has already said that there will be no secondary and higher secondary examinations in June. In that case, the students’ anxiety about when the exam will be held is extreme. However, Education Minister Bratya Basu said that no decision has been taken yet to cancel the exam. Education Minister Bratya Basu went to the office on Thursday after Corona was released. In the department, the Board of Secondary Education discussed in detail with the Parliament of Higher Education about the issues related to the examination. However, Education Minister Bratya Basu made it clear at the meeting that although the decision on the exams would be announced by the state by the end of next week, the exams would largely depend on the current Corona situation.

According to sources, the Education Minister has expressed interest in taking the exam on behalf of the Higher Education Parliament at today’s meeting. Because students have to be admitted to college after high school. In that case, the students will be in trouble if they do not take the test. Therefore, there is a need to take the exam, said the President of the Higher Education Parliament, the source told the Education Minister. On the other hand, the Education Minister has given an opinion on behalf of the Board of Secondary Education on how to prepare his marksheet even if it is not a secondary examination. However, sources said that the state government would announce its decision after talking to the chief minister. In that case, the final decision is likely to be made by the end of next week, according to the school education department.

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