June 20, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Secondary-higher secondary is not being canceled! It is the responsibility of the Minister of Education to declare an emergency

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#Kolkata: In the face of a strong coronary attack, it is not possible to comply with the scheduled Madhyamik Examination and HS Examination of the State. But because of the Corona situation, the exams of millions of candidates in the canceled state like this year? When the state education department was skeptical about this, the new education minister Bratya Basu informed that the secondary and higher secondary examinations are not being canceled. Instead, the day of secondary-higher secondary will be announced as soon as the corona comes under control.

Incidentally, the West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education had also indicated that the examinations would be postponed after the secondary examinations were postponed at first. Mahua Das, president of the Higher Secondary Education Parliament, said that due to the Corona situation, the secondary examination may also be postponed. Parliament is waiting for the government’s decision.

Bratya Basu took charge of the education department on Thursday. On the same day, he said, ‘We are optimistic. How many emergency measures has the Chief Minister taken? The rate of infection in the state is slowly but surely declining. We hope that the rate of this infection will decrease further in the future. We have nothing strong but optimism. But there is a real basis for optimism. The real basis is that the infection is decreasing.

Speaking to reporters on the same day, Bratya said, “The test will be as soon as the infection subsides – it will not be the headline, it will be the headline.” The test will be, if the infection is reduced.

Although the secondary examination is scheduled to start from June 1, it is not possible to do so in the current situation The state has practically gone into lockdown. Closed local train. Infections are increasing at a massive rate. So it was clear that the test would not happen in this situation. But many were worried, the test will be canceled? But the Minister of Education dispelled that fear.

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