June 15, 2021

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Two fires in the city! Multiple floors of Park Street at noon, fire at night! – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: The city of Kolkata witnessed two fires on the same day on Thursday in the Covid Pandemic. The fire broke out on the ground floor of Park Street (Park Street Fire) at noon. Whether the fire was brought under control or not, the fire was reported from Bibadi Bag Fire area. The fire broke out on the third floor of the Youth Welfare Department in the disputed area. Nine fire engines reached the spot to control the fire. Efforts are underway to bring the fire under control. State Fire Minister Sujit Basu reached the spot.

It is learned that the fire broke out in the Youth Welfare Department at around 9 pm that night. Preliminary investigations suggest that no one was inside the government office. Initially 3 fire engines reached the spot. Later, as the fire was terrible, 9 engines went to the spot. The firefighters were able to reach the third floor by climbing the stairs. How the fire started is being investigated.

On the other hand, the memory of Stephen Court is still burning on Park Street Fire. A sari warehouse on the 4th floor of Poddar Point caught fire at noon. Upon receiving the news, 10 engines of the fire brigade went there immediately. It is reported that the fire was brought under control after some time. No casualties were reported.

It is learned that some people and security guards of the area noticed the fire around 2 pm. Smoke can be seen from the 4th floor of this multi-storey building. Naturally panic spreads. The news goes to the fire department. Fire Minister Sujit Basu was walking on the road at that time. He stood up. The work gained momentum under the supervision of Sujit Basu. Firefighters rushed to the inside of the godown. The ladder also worked, the fire did not spread anywhere else.

According to the fire department, it was not possible to get up on foot due to heavy smoke. That’s why the work started with the installation of 65 meters hydraulic ladder. Work starts from the outside with a skyscraper ladder. On the other hand, firefighters climbed the stairs to the fourth floor and tried to put out the fire in the warehouse. The fire came under control within an hour and a half. The fire came under control within two hours. The fire on one side of the multi-storey building is extinguished.

Preliminary guess is, the fire started from a short circuit. Most of the multi-storey shops were closed due to lockdown. So there were no casualties as there were less people inside the multi-storey building. Officials said no one else was trapped inside the multi-storey building. Fire Minister Sujit Basu reached the spot as soon as he got the news of the fire. He looked into the whole matter. He said the fire was under control.

The memory of Stephen Court comes back soon after the fire broke out at Poddar Point. Many people died in that fire. But nothing much happened in this case. Firefighters brought everyone out safely.

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