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#Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat in a cowardly meeting with the chief ministers of ten states. The district governors of 9 districts of our state were not present at the meeting today. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was the Chief Secretary and Health Secretary. During the meeting, Modi emphasized on vaccination. And as soon as the meeting was over, a new wave began. In a press conference, Mamata Banerjee complained that even after being invited, not a single Chief Minister was allowed to speak at the meeting. In his argument, this rudeness is a direct blow to the federal structure of Benazir, the cause of this non-cooperation.

In a brief meeting on the same day, Narendra Modi said the Center would soon work to deliver more vaccines to the states. His argument is that we have to fight with the second wave by learning from the first wave of Corona. Human lives must be saved. At the same time the black market must be stopped. After the brief meeting, the Chief Minister started the press conference.

Take a look at Mamata’s allegations:

The Chief Minister was stunned by the rudeness

Mamata Banerjee said the chief ministers and district governors of ten states were called. I was, Chief Secretary, was Health Secretary. He did not allow the chief ministers to say a word. I was ready with all the claims. He ended the meeting by talking to four or five people he knew. I, we chief ministers are stunned by his rudeness. Our dolls were made. We are ashamed on the tenth anniversary of the government. We thought I would tell the Prime Minister to give the vaccine.

Complaints of attitude without body

The Prime Minister says the corona has decreased. Corona has grown to feel like this without a body. There is still a paramilitary force in Bengal.

The problem is the dose interval of the vaccine

We are providing treatment in 164 government hospitals and 41 private hospitals. What is so frightening of the Prime Minister, what is so neglected, why did you call the meeting if you do not want to listen! The vaccine is sometimes given at four-week intervals. Never being given more intervals. Why is this happening?

Black fungus

How to give black fungus medicine. The center has these drugs. We have four incidents here too. Sitting in Delhi says all is well!

Vaccine Question:

We wanted three crore vaccines. Didn’t. We were supposed to get 24 lakh vaccines this month. He did not get even 13 lakhs. Not getting remedicvir-oxygen. The Prime Minister fled hiding his face?

Hit the United States structure

The vaccine will be available if Rs 30,000 crore is allocated. Why not? Is it tantamount to overthrowing the United States by not allowing a single word to be said in a meeting?

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