June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

‘Allah pick me up’! Hoping for admission, Shamsur lay in the hospital premises with his sick wife for three months

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#Kolkata: The patient is lying on the hospital road in agony. The helpless husband is sitting quietly next to him. A similar scene will be seen on the road in front of SSKM Hospital, Woodburn. Three months ago, Shamsur Sheikh brought his wife Anjila from New Village, Burdwan Monteshwar Police Station to PG Hospital to see a doctor. After seeing various doctors in Burdwan – the doctors advised, PG was admitted to the hospital to see a doctor. Because Angela has gallbladder stones and diabetes from heart problems. Treatment is very expensive. So poor Shamsur came to PG Hospital and showed his wife to the doctor. As much as he was able to raise money from here and there, with that. According to the advice of doctors, starting from X-ray, pathological test. He did it with that money. Now he is meaningless. Shamsur, a farm laborer by profession, now has the hope of survival, with only five rupees worth of eggs and rice. They are going to eat that in any way.

Every time he took the initiative to be admitted to the hospital, there was no benefit in requesting the doctors. On that occasion, the brokers demanded ten, fifteen, twenty thousand rupees for his admission to the hospital. Couldn’t pay. For him, the hospital has been under the street shed for three months. From Babura, the doctor of the hospital, nurses, ward boys, hospital officials all travel through that road. No one has ever seen them frowning. Wife Anjila is in agony. Husband Shamsul Haque has no choice but to fan his hands and turn his hand on his body. Old Shamsur came to the hospital with high hopes that he would take his wife back home with proper treatment. There is no way. From sunset to sunrise here the dying patient is lying on the street with his wife. Their hospital beds have not been matched yet. In the words of Anjir, ‘God pick me up, I can’t stand it anymore.’


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