June 15, 2021

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Arjun Singh wants to come in front of CID virtually, not physically! Any fears behind the scenes?

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Kolkata: Narada Scam Case The ruling Trinamool Congress has accused the BJP of pursuing a policy of revenge in the wake of the arrest of four heavyweight leaders in the state. At one such time, the CID raided the house of BJP MP Arjun Singh in Barrackpore. In a corruption case, state intelligence officials on Thursday visited Arjun Singh’s house at the Mazdur Bhaban at Jagddal Meghna Junction. But the BJP MP was not at home at that time. That is why the CID summoned him to Bhabani Bhavan on May 25 with a notice. Despite giving a message of cooperation in the investigation, Arjun does not want to go to the physical CID. Rather he wants to cooperate in the virtual investigation because of the Corona situation.

On Friday, Arjun Singh said, “I will co-operate with the CID’s interrogation.” But it has to be virtual. ‘ Significantly, the BJP MP has demanded that the case be shifted to another state. The CBI has also applied to the High Court to move the Narad case to another state. On the same day, Arjun also demanded to take his corruption case to another state.

In his words, ‘proper justice cannot be found in the case of this state. Not just this case, all cases against BJP leaders should be in a court outside West Bengal. He also said that he would go to the High Court with his case.

Arjun was summoned to Bhabani Bhavan for questioning in a corruption case on Thursday. However, when contacted by BJP MPs, he accused the Trinamool of pursuing a policy of retaliation, saying, “I have the protection of the Supreme Court. He can call me, but he can’t arrest me. ‘ Here the question arises, if there is no fear of arrest, why Arjun does not want to appear in person?

Incidentally, the case was filed in 2020. It is alleged that a tender was called for the construction of a sewer in Bhatpara but it was given to a person close to Arjun. It is further alleged that the construction of the canal cost Tk 4.5 crore but nothing was done. The CID has summoned Arjun Singh in that case. According to CID sources, Arjun has a lot of information about the case. The manner in which the CID raided Arjun Singh’s house during the Narad incident and even summoned him to Bhabanibhavan has caused a stir in state politics.

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