June 15, 2021

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Black fungus also spread in West Bengal, 5 people got infected! – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: After Telangana, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, this time the fear of black fungus is also haunting the people of Bengal. The whole country is overwhelmed with Corona Atimari. Posting in it is raising new fears of new infections. Najehal government at the moment with the attack of Krishna fungus. The Telangana government has already declared the black fungus as a special disease under the Emergency Act. In Maharashtra too, about 90 people have already died from the disease. About 100 people have been infected with black fungus in Rajasthan. This time the infection of this fungus called mucor mycosis was also seen in Bengal.

One person has died of fungal infection in the city of Kolkata. At the moment, the government is worried about that. Letters have already been sent to the state governments on behalf of the central government. It has been reported that this infection should also be identified as an epidemic disease. If anyone is infected, the center has to be informed.

On the same day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held meetings with district chiefs of several districts, including ten chief ministers of different states. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee thought that Krishna fungus would be discussed in this meeting. But the chief ministers were not given a chance to speak. He told a press conference after the meeting, “Black fungus is happening with Corona now. I thought I would like to know what is the treatment? What is the guideline? How will the medicine be provided? I was not allowed to say anything. ” Although the issue could not be discussed in the meeting with the Prime Minister, the state government is already quite worried about the Krishna fungus.

State Health Officer Ajay Basu said representatives of the state health department have already held a high-level meeting on the issue. There is no reason to fear, however, that amphotericin, a drug for mucous mycosis or black fungus, has sufficient reserves in the state. There will be no difficulty in this treatment. However, there is no room for unawareness in this regard, said the state health officer. He said instructions have already been sent to the districts. If anyone in any district of West Bengal is infected with this disease, they should immediately inform the health building.

On the other hand, the letter from the central government to the state government further said that the guidelines issued should be complied with. Public or private hospitals must comply with these guidelines. Maharashtra has the highest incidence of this black fungus. About 1,500 people are already infected. Like Corona, a separate ward has been created for this disease. Separate wards have also been set up for patients in Rajasthan. Corona infection is also quite high in West Bengal. And in the case of covid patients, this mucous mycosis is becoming more severe. Therefore, the government is not giving any delay to raise awareness about this new fungal infection.

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