Doctors denied to release three leaders from hospital Firhad returned home, the other three will have to stay in the hospital – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Firhad Hakim 8 returned home from Presidency Jail today But the other three leaders arrested in the Narad case have to stay at SSKM Hospital This was stated by Saroj Mandal, head of the medical board formed for the three leaders undergoing treatment at SSKM Hospital

On the same day, the court remanded the four leaders arrested in the Narad case, Firhad Hakim, Subrata Mukherjee, Madan Mitra and Shovan Chatterjee, under house arrest. As a result, they were allowed to return home from jail custody Authorities began preparations to release Firhad Hakim shortly after a copy of the Calcutta High Court order reached the president’s jail. His family members and lawyers arrived at the Presidency Jail Several followers of the minister crowded outside the jail However, the family of the minister has repeatedly requested not to hold any gathering

Although Firhad returned home, Subrata, Madan and Shovon had to stay at SSKM Hospital due to illness. After a meeting between them on the same day, the medical board informed that all the three leaders are now in hospital and need treatment.

All the three leaders undergoing treatment at SSKM have COPD problems Among them, Subrata Mukherjee has been suffering from vocal cord problems for a long time He has had to undergo surgery in the past due to this problem But due to the problem of breathing, the problem has increased as a result of taking nebulizer continuously The voice of the old minister has become so weak that it is almost unheard That is why the doctors of SSKM Hospital have advised the Panchayat Minister to undergo ‘Speech Therapy’. The panchayat minister still has shortness of breath He is also a little worried As a result, the doctors do not want to give him leave right now

Another arrested leader, Shovan Chatterjee, was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver on the same day. An ultrasonography of his abdomen was done on Thursday That is why this problem is caught Shovon 7 has suffered from this problem before According to hospital sources, the former mayor also has eye problems due to high diabetes He also has some heart problems As a result, he has to stay in the hospital for the time being However, after taking Shovon home, his girlfriend Baishakhi was in favor of treatment However, the doctors did not allow that

Kamarhati MLA Madan Mitra also has respiratory problems He also has to be given continuous oxygen Madan Mitra also had a slight infection in his lungs The primary goal of physicians is to control this infection Moreover, he is still a bit weak physically as he was attacked by Corona a few days ago Madan’s family, however, is not in a hurry to take him home The minister’s son Shubharup Maitra said that they will follow the advice given by the doctors As a result, Subrata, Madan and Firhad are not returning home at least on Friday despite the permission of the court

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