June 18, 2021

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Father returned, tears in his eyes after a continuous battle, smile on his face Firhad daughter! – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: Priyadarshini Hakim raised her face through the car window. A smile of relief seemed to be touching somewhere on his slightly worried face. She also admitted in her own words that she is a smart, smart girl who works in corporate communication. He said, “I feel a little better mentally. My father is very worried about Yash and Kovid. My father (Firhad Hakim) is in a bad condition. I request everyone not to do anything so that my father gets sick.”

The CBI raid on Firhad Hakim’s Chetla house, from there to Nizam Palace, Bankshal Court, High Court, Presidency Jail — in the last five days, the people of Bengal have been watching a political figure, an influential minister as well as his daughter. Happy Eid has just ended. The color of hand mehndi is still dark. But in his family there is a worry, instability. Priyadarshini was dealing with that instability with Didi Saba Hakim. He has been seen talking to party supporters in front of the media.

  Firhad's daughter left the presidency Firhad’s daughter left the presidency

Priyadarshini Hakim. This name has come up again and again over the last five days. Never on the television screen. Baba Firhad Hakim has ever spoken on social media demanding bail. Nizam Palace has come running with anxiety. Ever stood up forcibly in front of excited grassroots supporters. Requested, to calm down. Four leaders, including Baba Firhad Hakim, have been released on bail despite being denied bail by the High Court. At that moment, the tone of the appeal was heard in Firhad’s daughter’s voice, “Everyone go home. Don’t crowd. Dad has not yet received full bail. A caveat is currently being filed in the Supreme Court.”

Incidentally, Firhad Hakim and three other heavyweight leaders did not get bail in the Narad case. The Calcutta High Court on Friday ordered the four leaders arrested in the Narad case to be released from jail and placed under house arrest. The acting chief justice’s division bench also referred the four leaders’ bail to a larger bench. It has been said that the four leaders will remain under house arrest till the verdict of the larger bench This time CBI 6 is preparing to go to the Supreme Court against this decision Four leaders are also preparing for a counter-legal battle According to sources, Subrata-Firhadra has filed a caveat in the apex court so that their statements can be heard when the CBI goes to the Supreme Court. However, the court also ruled that Firhad, Subrata and Madan could do virtual government work from home.

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