June 19, 2021

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In the High Court, rational Singvir, Kalyan also wanted a hearing on Saturday and Sunday! What did the court say?

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Kolkata: Unprecedented complication in the heavyweight interim bail case in the Narada Scam Case. Disagreement between two High Court judges on bail order. Justice Arijit Bandyopadhyay granted bail to Firhad Hakim, Subrata Mukherjee, Madan Mitra and Sovan Chatterjee in the case. But in today’s hearing, acting Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal opposed granting bail to the four. According to him, the four should be kept under house arrest even if they are released from jail custody. The case will be sent to the larger bench. But until a larger bench is formed, he must remain under house arrest. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, the lawyer of the accused, has raised several questions about that.

It goes without saying that there is no precedent for such house arrest in any case in Bengal. Abhishek Manu Singhvi has questioned the rationale of keeping Firhad under house arrest in this corona situation. He said, ‘Firhad Hakim is in charge of the municipality. So if you can’t go to the municipality, how will Firhad Hakim fight against Corona? If he doesn’t go to the municipality, how will he prove his signature? ‘ In the words of Singhvi, ‘If you have to choose between house arrest and complete arrest, then house arrest has to be chosen. But if you have to choose between house arrest and freedom, then you have to choose freedom. ‘

On the other hand, another lawyer of the accused, Kalyan Bandyopadhyay, made a strong demand, ‘On May 16, the CBI’s application was accepted at 5.30 pm and the order came at 11 pm. In this case also, a larger bench should be formed in that activity. In fact, Justice Arijit Banerjee agreed with that statement. But Solicitor General Tushar Mehta prevented it. Then the angry judge said, ‘I did not say anything when I spoke to you. You can’t do that during my speech either. ‘

Earlier, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, counsel for the accused, said, “We, the clients, are either ministers or MLAs.” They are unlikely to escape anywhere. Then why the arrest? ‘ However, when asked about the house arrest by the CBI, he demanded that the issue of independence be looked into. He thinks that the house arrest will interfere with the freedom of the accused. He demanded that if the larger bench decides, it should be done quickly. Let that hearing be today. Although the High Court has not yet said anything about that, the High Court has allowed the accused to do all the work by video conference from home.

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