Narada Case Update Baishakhi Banerjee’s Reaction After Calcutta High Court Order About House Arrest of Sovan Chatterjee

Kolkata: After the arrest of Sovan Chatterjee in the Narada Scam Case, his girlfriend Baisakhi Banerjee broke up. Although Baishakhi could not be traced at the beginning of the day of his arrest, when the former mayor of Kolkata was taken to the Presidency Correctional Institution, the people of our state saw Baishakhi crying at the door of the correctional facility to give him medicine. After that, the battle between Shovon-Baishakhi vs Ratna also turned sour. Shovon has written to the superintendent of SSKM to stop Ratna. The former mayor of Kolkata has even instructed to give all the medical information to Baishakhi and the lawyer. Though bail has not been granted yet, the Calcutta High Court has ordered to keep the remaining four heavyweights, including Shovon, under house arrest for the time being. And that is why Baishakhi is seeing some light of hope.

“We want the hearing to end soon,” Baishakhi said after the High Court’s order. God has looked a bit, so maybe I can take it home. Shovon Dar’s physical condition is not good. I hope I can take him home and treat him well. ‘

The CBI has already filed a chargesheet against Shovon in the Narad case. In that context, Baishakhi also said, ‘Shovon Da has been charged. A lot has been given to it, which is not right. Shovan Da will fight with it too. ‘

Earlier, Boishakhi had said that she could not accept Sovan’s arrest. He (Baisakhi) has not yet recovered from the trauma of the CBI raid on the house to arrest Shovon. At the same time, the faith and justice of ‘God-believer’ Boishakhi will match with the good wishes of Shovan

Shovon-girlfriend has said before, ‘I am a believer in God. I prayed to God that Shovan would not suffer. God will surely return Shovan to a day of joy. Shovan’s mind is as innocent as a child’s. Maybe trouble comes in everyone’s life, it has come in his life too. There is nothing wrong with being loved by so many people ‘. However, Baishakhi has made it clear that she is grateful to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. If the grassroots leader calls for a movement? In response to this question on the day of Shovon’s arrest, Baishakhi said, ‘If he says so, I can leave his car in Navanne. The way he came and stood beside Shovon, I am ready to give my life for him. ‘

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