June 15, 2021

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Sweet in misery in Bengal! The court asked the police how far the investigation was

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Kolkata: In the West Bengal Assembly Election 2021, Mithun Chakraborty did not come out in public as the BJP collapsed and the Trinamool came back to power. Mithun campaigned hard for the BJP in this election. He claimed that if BJP came to power, Bengal would change in 6 months. But the superstar’s remarks have been heard several times while calling for the BJP to come to power, which is claimed by a large section of the political establishment to be provocative. So a case was filed against him. Mithun Chakraborty’s pressure increased in that case.

An FIR was lodged with the Maniktala police station against the superstar for making provocative remarks. The Sealdah ACJM court summoned a report from the police during the hearing of the case. The court asked the police about the progress of the investigation against the actor and BJP leader Mithun on the basis of the FIR.

Mithun joined the BJP on the stage of Narendra Modi’s brigade. Addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the world’s greatest leader from that platform, he said, “I will be on the same stage with Modiji, the greatest leader of the world’s largest democracy, it is nothing but a dream. Another dream is to do something for the poor. Those who will try to take away your rights, many like us will come forward. ‘ After that, Mithun flew in helicopters all over the state. At one point, there were rumors that he would be made the face of the BJP. He himself was not ruling out that possibility. Although not in reality, Mithun was the BJP’s star campaigner in the entire election.

And in that campaign, he sometimes said, ‘I am Gokhro’, sometimes he said again, ‘All the beds in government hospitals will be made AC as soon as the BJP arrives.’ At the same time, it is alleged that he made provocative remarks. An FIR was lodged against him at Maniktala police station. The court sent a report in that case.

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