June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

The Second Season of Love

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We are well past the cliché of “love is in the air”! After being in use for so many centuries, this line had lost its edge. Love needed a new inspiration and Mirchi, the trailblazer in every field, chose to give this emotion a new dimension. With the second season of romantic audio book series Prem Dot Com, Love is in the ear too!

  1. 3 Mirchi felt that seeds of love, when planted in ears, take little time in reaching the heart or the mind! After the success of Prem Dot com’s maiden season, where love found new expressions, season two has taken the realms of romance by storm again. Launched on 14th February 2021, Prem Dot com season 2 resembles a box of chocolates- choose from as many flavours of love as you want. Thus far we have been treated to the thrilling tale of a freelance reporter being guided by a mysterious bystander, the story of a man coming face to face with a woman he was head over heels in love with. Then there was the poignant tale of a young lady, with limited means, who chose to adopt her colleague’s new-born child and discovered love in the process. We also marvelled at how intriguingly romantic whatsapp voice-notes could be, and how love could be foolish, and carry with it, a huge load of guilt. This romantic audio book series has also paid tribute to those thin, blurry lines between friendship and love.  Just to make you a little more curious, even a serial killer has made an appearance! In a nutshell, Prem Dot com season 2 is not all about how a love-story’s central characters lived happily ever after. It is also about love, pain and loss, about what could have been, about how it would be… and that’s the essence of its beauty. It makes you wonder, and brings about that sparkle, that twinkling in the eyes, not necessarily of happiness! Prem Dot Com’s second season has sought to explore both occasion-based and darker themes. We have produced stories to pay homage to the great Rabindranath Tagore. The well-known fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast has also been adapted, albeit with a difference.

A fantastic team comprising Mirchi Somak, Mirchi Mohor, Mirchi Lajvanti, Mirchi Debasmita, Mirchi Sayak and of course, Mirchi Mir, is the driving force of this project. Their concerted efforts ensure that the stories are ready for digital broadcast on YouTube.com/ Mirchi Bangla every Friday at 8PM and radio broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 12 PM and 4 PM respectively.

The second season has juxtaposed musical shades with impeccable storytelling. With an average view of 1.2 lacs per episode, and a steady stream of stories from listeners, we can safely deduce that Prem Dot Com season 2 is fuelling and being fuelled by love simultaneously. Speaking on the second season, Rakesh CK, VP & Business Director, WB, UP-Bihar and North East, Mirchi said, “I am glad that we could bring out the beauty of Bengali sentiments and language through a series of remarkable romantic tales. In these trying times, love is an emotion that shall augment our resolve even further.”

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