June 20, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

They are also a priority in vaccination, the bank workers of Bengal are fascinated by the role of Mamata

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Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday held a meeting with the chief ministers and district governors of 10 states to review the Corona in India situation. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has expressed her displeasure over not being allowed to speak at the meeting. He said, “I sat like a doll with a question in my hand. If you don’t let the chief ministers say, then why did you call? ” And after that meeting, the Chief Minister sent a letter to Modi regarding the vaccination of government employees. He has sent a letter asking for a dose of 20 lakh vaccines to vaccinate state and central government employees in Bengal. And the very next day, on Friday, the state government also announced to vaccinate the bank employees of the state on priority basis. The bank workers of the state are also fascinated by Mamata’s role for natural reasons.

Incidentally, the bank workers are not on leave even though there is a virtual lockdown in the entire state. Last year, they continued their work in the midst of a strong Corona situation. And many bank officers and employees have died due to corona while working. So this time the bank workers demanded to give priority to immunization by claiming their front line workers. Mamata Banerjee has responded to that request. It has been learned that vaccination of bank workers is being started very fast in districts including Kolkata. The All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC) has thanked Mamata for that.

Incidentally, Debashis Panda, Secretary, Ministry of Economic Affairs, has recently written to the Chief Secretaries of all the States and Union Territories asking them to immediately vaccinate those working in banks and insurance companies. “Employees associated with banks, insurance companies and Paytm services need to be vaccinated as a matter of urgency,” he wrote in the letter. He also wrote in a tweet, ‘The way the service providers of the bank-insurance company Paytm have worked in the Corona situation, their Kurnish. They have to come in contact with many people for work every day. Vaccination will greatly reduce their risk of coronary heart disease.

After that, the All India Bank Officers Confederation also requested Mamata to vaccinate the bank workers. They are happy to respond to that request. In a letter to the Prime Minister asking for a dose of 20 lakh vaccines to vaccinate state and central government workers, Mamata Banerjee wrote, “Government workers are working at risk. Whether the workers are from the state or the center, they are working at practically risk. In many cases, they are feared to be super spreaders. This time the Chief Minister of the state followed the same path for the bank workers.

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