This time it is a safe home in a closed school, a unique example in the corona epidemic in a school in South Kolkata

#Kolkata: On-campus clinic. Safe home this time in closed school. A unique example of the corona epidemic in schools in South Kolkata. The 50-bed safe home will be launched on June 1. Courtesy MLA Debashish Kumar.

South Suburban Branch School. Autumn Bose Road in South Kolkata. The blackboard of the closed school was gradually turning gray. The school bell rang …. he’s never stopped. This time the battle of life is fought in the closed campus. The local MLA is opening a small clinic in the campus. The name of Ramakrishna Mission Service Organization will also be associated with this 50-bed safe home.

Debashish Kumar, a local councilor and a member of the Calcutta Municipal Council, said the safe home would be closely monitored by the Ramakrishna Mission Service. It would seem that Ramakrishna Mission is a part of the service organization. In addition to full-time doctors and nurses, specialist doctors from various hospitals will visit the safe home to observe patients.

The design of the school ground floor is changing. The bathroom is being built next to the blackboard. Temporary infrastructure is being built inside the school. Mini oxygen plant is being built. From that plant, life-giving oxygen can reach the bed of the safehome directly through the tube. How will this safe home inside the school! Devpriya Guha, head of the voluntary organization associated with the project, said a temporary plant room was being set up to supply oxygen. From there the oxygen will go to the male female ward through the pipeline. This plan is for the benefit of oxygen that can be used in patients of the race as needed. In addition to separate wards for men and women, this safe home will have an isolation room. Where non-covid patients can be kept separate for examination. Another ward is being set up for non-covid rows of patients in need so that they can be provided with oxygen and medical facilities.

What will happen to the mid-day meal when there is a safe home inside the school ??? The MLA also pointed out his alternative arrangements. Rashbehari Center MLA Debashish Kumar said the mid-day meal would be given once a month. Alternative arrangements will be made for this mid-day meal other than school premises. So that there is no difficulty in giving mid day meal to teachers and parents.

The Ramakrishna Mission Service is under surveillance. Doctors from different private hospitals will also come to see the patients in this safe home. There will be professional nurses and nurses as well as a full time doctor in this safe home. There will be separate wards for men and women. There will be isolation rooms for new patients.

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