June 20, 2021

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Fish can’t live without water, I can’t live without Mamata Banerjee: Sonali Guha – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: Late feeling? Remorse? Learning to stumble? It is difficult to say in what title the path of the golden cave can be awarded. But for now, his open letter of regret has made the grassroots smile. Because while sitting in the masnad, Mamata gave the message to the defectors in two words. Said, the door is open. And the first response to that call is from his beloved Sonali. In the open letter he clearly wrote, The decision to leave Mamata Banerjee was a mistake. Why is Sonali desperate to correct so many mistakes?

After the announcement of the list of candidates in the 2021 assembly elections, there was a rush to leave Ghasful Shibir. A number of people went to the BJP and got tickets by registering their names, while some did not get tickets. After the results of the vote came out again, it was seen that many people could not take advantage even after getting the BJP ticket, they were defeated. After Mamata Banerjee returned to power for the third time with a huge majority, many have started to change their minds as soon as they fall into the existential crisis. The latest addition to that list is Sonali Guha. That is why he is saying today, Mamata will not live without Banerjee.

Sonali Guha is Mamata Banerjee’s long time shadow companion. Elected from Satgachhia. Mamata Banerjee had said in her name that the Trinamool had not nominated her this time due to physical illness. However, Sonali did not keep her anger secret as she did not get a ticket. Intense arrogance was caught in his throat. Sonali Guha even complained that she was not treated fairly. However, he is the one who wrote the open letter this time to say that his decision was wrong.

Sonali Guha wrote a 6-line letter on this day. In a letter referring to the honorable sister, he said, “Take my bow, I am Sonali Guha, I said with a very broken heart that I was emotional and went to another team with extreme pride and wrong decision which was my extreme wrong decision, but I could not adjust myself there.” I can’t live without you, just as a fish can’t live without water. I apologize to you, sister. Please forgive me. If you don’t forgive me, I won’t live. Pull me down to your lap. Do it. “

Shonari’s throat is now a tone of intense remorse. Sonali Guha, who was sitting at her house on College Street on that day, said, “There is no other master in the team. I will do whatever the team tells me to do. “

According to sources, Sonali Guha will visit Kalighat next Tuesday. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s brother Asim Bandopadhyay has passed away, he will go to his mourning meeting. However, he will not try to talk to Mamata Banerjee on his own.

Sonali Guha said she did not go to the BJP to get a ticket. He was asked to be a candidate in BJP Jorasanko. Although he did not take the ticket. On this day, he clarified that he had been ‘suffocating’ since last March. So he realized that it was no longer possible for him to stay there. Finally the girl of the house wants to return home. Now just waiting for the team to take back their house daughter Sonali Guha.

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