June 15, 2021

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‘I made a big mistake, forgive me’, open letter to Mamata Sonali Guhar leaves BJP

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#Kolkata: ‘Wrong’ broke the golden cave 6 He wrote an open letter on social media to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asking her to leave the BJP and return to the grassroots. There, the former Trinamool MLA apologized to Mamata Banerjee and admitted, “I can’t live without you like a fish can’t live without water.”

Sonali, a longtime ally of Mamata Banerjee and a former Trinamool MLA from Satgachhi, was not given a ticket by the Trinamool in the Assembly elections this time. After that he left the grassroots and joined the BJP Although BJP has not nominated him Sonali, however, claimed on the day that she was offered to be a candidate from Jorasanko but she did not agree He wanted to campaign for the team

On this day, Sonali wrote to Mamata Banerjee on Twitter, ‘I am saying that with a very broken heart. I became emotional and went to another team with the wrong decision Which was my ultimate wrong decision But I could not adjust myself there I cannot live without you, just as a fish cannot live without a flock. ‘ Sonali’s plea to the Trinamool leader apologizes, ‘Didi, I apologize to you. Please forgive me If you don’t forgive me, I won’t live Pull me to the floor of your area, give me a chance to be in your love for the rest of my life. ‘

But why is the BJP leaving? Sonali claims that BJP did not use her He went to the BJP not for candidature but for social security Sonali claims that even though she wanted to campaign, the party did not call her That is why he was suffocating in BJP However, Sonali has repeatedly admitted that going to the BJP is one of the wrong decisions of her life The former MLA said, ‘People are just wrong The suffocating situation in the BJP 7 I can’t celebrate Nathuram God’s birthday I am a Gandhian woman ‘

In the words of Sonali Guhar, ‘Mamata Banerjee’s house is my house Mamata Banerjee is involved in my every breath, every moment. I can’t live without Mamata Banerjee I want to return to my own team At the same time, he said, “Four leaders were arrested.” I bit my hand while sitting I could not go to Nizam’s palace and stand by my sister’s side. ‘

Sonali claims that she does not have Mamata Banerjee’s personal number So he wrote a letter apologizing on Twitter Sonali hopes that the Chief Minister will surely see her letter However, he was heard to regret that it was too late to misunderstand

Sonali Guha has admitted that even though she joined the BJP, her mind was on the grassroots At the same time, he said that he would like to visit the Chief Minister’s house in Kalighat next Monday, the day of death of Mamata Banerjee’s late brother Asim Banerjee.

However, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh claimed that he did not know anything about Sonali Guhar’s resignation. Sonali took the BJP party flag from Dilip’s hand In this context, the BJP state president said, “I feel insecure about the way BJP leaders are being attacked. Those who do not have the ability to fight, they will either sit down or change teams BJP has given respect to everyone He has been suffocating at the grassroots for so long, but now he wants to return to the party as he is suffocating in the BJP. Can he tell me why? ‘

However, Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, “Trinamool has not yet decided whether those who left the party will be returned. Sonali Guhar’s husband called me several times But whether the defectors will be returned or not, no decision has been made on the party’s policy in this regard.

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