Sovan Chatterjee to get back home At the end of the play, Shovon signed a risk bond! You may return home today – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: After a day of drama, Shovon Chatterjee may finally be discharged from the hospital However, Shovon 7 is leaving the hospital after signing a personal risk bond Shovan’s risk bond papers have already been sent to the superintendent of Presidency Jail on behalf of SSKM Hospital. After following the rules, the jail authorities will come to the hospital to take Shovon From there he will first be taken to Presidency Jail After that, Shovon 7 will return to the flat in Golpark Shovon should be under house arrest there After completing all the procedures, the former mayor can return home at night

On the same day, Shovon Chatterjee complained about explosives at SSKM Hospital He claimed that he was forcibly detained at the hospital Shovon also claimed that he has not eaten anything since yesterday in protest He has been detained at the hospital on the pretext of illness But he is healthy Shovan’s girlfriend Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay has also made the same allegation He also complained that Shovon was not allowed to return home from the hospital without anyone’s finger The former mayor, who was arrested in the Narad case, further complained that the hospital authorities were not allowing him to go home even though he wanted to sign a risk bond.

At the same time, Baishakhi complained that the minimum treatment at the hospital was not Shovaner 7 He even complained that his sugar pressure had not been tested since yesterday

However, all these allegations of Shovon were rejected by the SSKM hospital authorities The hospital has made it clear that there was no negligence in Shovan’s treatment The hospital authorities claimed that there was no discrimination in the treatment of the three leaders admitted to the hospital They claimed that the doctors had left Shovon in the hospital in favor of treatment

Shovon, however, complained to the media on the day, ‘There are some unnecessary complications Which were never recommended Since my treatment was completed yesterday, I have also informed the Medical Superintendent here that I am willing to return home after signing the risk bond. I am not being discharged properly from SSKM Hospital Or the jail super is not giving importance to those documents I say to them, I will not be put to shame.

According to Presidency Jail sources, Shovon will return to his flat on Southern Avenue in Golpark. Because he was arrested from there

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