June 18, 2021

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The whole of Bengal is trembling for fear of cyclone Yash, when is the landfall? When did it start raining? – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: Last year, Bengal witnessed the violence of Amfan. Therefore, at the same time this year, the people of the coastal area, namely West Bengal, are worried about the forecast of cyclone Yash. The meteorological office is also concerned about the nature of Cyclone Yaas. It is learned that low pressure is likely to form in East Central Bay and adjoining North Andaman Sea on Saturday. That depression will turn into a cyclone on Monday. That is what the Alipore Meteorological Department says. The storm will then move northwest with increasing force. Cyclone Yash or Yas is likely to hit the coast of Bengal next Wednesday.

When did the rain start in Bengal?

Meanwhile, for the last few days, the people of Bengal have been struggling in the scorching heat. No rain. Najehal condition in the hot sun before dawn. According to the Alipore Meteorological Department, it will start raining in the state from next Tuesday due to the cyclone. Light to moderate rains will begin in the coastal districts of the state from May 25. There may be heavy rain somewhere and the amount of rain will increase next time. Moderate to heavy rains are also expected in the rest of the districts.

When is the landfall?

According to the meteorological department, the cyclone is expected to hit somewhere between Digha and Paradwip on the 28th. That is why it will have the most impact in East Midnapore. Besides, the Sundarbans, the two 24 Parganas, the city of Calcutta will also be affected by Yash or Yas. But as Amphan flowed over the city. Yash will not carry out that violence in Calcutta. However, the Alipore Meteorological Department has forecast heavy to very heavy rains in the Gangetic districts of West Bengal from 23-24. The wind will blow with him.

Warning for fishermen:

From 23 May, strong winds of 45-65 km per hour can blow in the East Central Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. The maximum wind speed can be 75 km per hour. The wind speed will continue to increase from 23 May. The sea can be rough due to the effects of cyclones. Fishermen have been banned from going to sea since May 23. Those in the middle of the sea are advised to return by the morning of the 23rd. Meanwhile, part of Bengal was devastated by the Amfan riots last year. This time the administration has started to prepare in advance to deal with the cyclone Yash.

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