June 24, 2021

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WB Govt guideline to cmbat balck fungus | Concerns are being raised about black fungus, do’s and don’ts, state guidelines – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: West Bengal dies of black fungus In all, four more were infected. The administration, aware of the importance of the situation, has come down to earth. An expert committee on black fungus has been formed yesterday. The state health department has prepared a government guideline on black fungus. Physicians are also being trained immediately on the initial symptoms of this seemingly unknown disease, its treatment and prevention. Instructions have been sent to the CMOs of each district, if any news of this disease is found, it should be reported to the health building on an urgent basis.

Doctors say the black fungus or mucormycosis fungus lives in the soil. Many can be infected if the immune system is weakened. In many cases, it lowers blood pressure and increases the risk. Someone’s eye problems start again. Let’s take a look at what the health department’s guideline says-

How to prevent

Diabetes must be controlled. By the rules you have to wear a mask. It is mandatory to wear a mask, especially when going to dusty places. It is compulsory to wear gloves when going out somewhere or working in the garden. You have to keep the surroundings clean. Fruits, bread, or fungi should not be kept in the open.

How to recognize the symptoms

Sinus pain will increase this problem. Bleeding may occur with a cold. Pain and black spots can be seen on different parts of the face. There will be pain in the teeth. Fever may come. Many are also suffering from blood clotting problems. Chest pain, shortness of breath can be a problem. Hemorrhage, mental instability and eye swelling can also be a problem.

What to do

Sugar levels must be controlled. Steroids and antibiotics should be used wisely, as directed by physicians. It cannot be too late to start treatment.

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