Cyclone Yaas Yash will fall at a speed of 175 km! The way this cyclone will gradually increase its strength …

#Kolkata: Another hurricane, Yash, is coming back in just one year, evoking the memory of Amfan. Experts say that Yash will turn into a terrible cyclone on Wednesday evening. Preparations for the cyclone have begun across the state. Meteorologists say that for the time being, the pressure will gradually increase in the next 72 hours. In the meantime, the administration has to complete the work of taking the coastal people from the fishermen to the cyclone center, so in a word, the work is going on in the atmosphere of war.

According to the weather office, the depression will turn into a cyclone on Monday. On the 25th this depression can be called a very severe or very terrible cyclone. On Wednesday evening, May 26, it will strike with maximum force between Paradwip and Sagar.

Find out the location of Cyclone Yash right now-

From the evening of the 24th, strong winds of 60 kmph will blow in the coastal areas of Bengal. On the morning of the 25th, the wind will blow at a speed of 60 km. At noon on the 28th, the wind speed will be 90-110 kmph. The cyclone will have a speed of 155-165 kmph on the evening of March 26 at the time of the crash. Fishermen have already been instructed not to go to sea. The Coast Guard is patrolling the sea by helicopter to bring back the fishermen. Hingalganj, Gosaba and other places in the Sundarbans have started an initiative to divert fishermen from the creek. Work is in full swing at the last minute to repair electricity poles and sanitize cyclone centers.

The cyclone will affect the coastal areas from Monday. Apart from the coast, there is a possibility of rain in Kolkata, Howrah and Hughli on Tuesday. It will rain in all districts of North Bengal on Wednesday.

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