Locket left the central security! Any indication of his decision?

#Kolkata: This time Locket Chatterjee, an MP from Hooghly Lok Sabha constituency, left the security. He sent a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah requesting him to lift security. So many days he got Y category security. The CISF was responsible for providing him security. Lockett argues that he does not want security in his own interest at a time when BJP workers are being attacked in districts.

On this day, Locket Chatterjee reports that after the announcement of the results on the 2nd, so many people have died and so many women have been tortured. As a woman, I felt that if I had a security guard, I would stand by them. I had Y category security during the election. I became an MP to give security to the people. I can’t face them. I give them security first, then we will see. Lockett’s argument is not today, he wanted to leave security twenty days ago. Today that process has come a long way.

The BJP wanted to provide security to only 75 of its MLAs, citing allegations of unrest after the by-elections. However, at least 15 people turned down the offer and made the team uncomfortable. Basically, they wanted to avoid taking responsibility for the central forces in Kovid. Many again argue that BJP workers should be ashamed if they are attacked after returning to an area with security guards. So they want to focus on organizational strength, not security. Lockett was seen in a similar role.

In this election, the party had bet on MP Locket for the post of MLA. But Lockett did not succeed in that fight. He had to lose to Trinamool candidate Asit Majumjar. However, Lockett did not leave the field even after accepting the rate. He did not impose the responsibility of the rate on anyone. Rather worked down the field. Outside of the house he is praised for this spirit.

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